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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not in right mind nor in Right Spirits

For now I will simply post this, anyone reading, however few, should not support neither the SOPA act, which did not pass in the senate, nor the Protect IP act which has not yet passed in the house of representatives. Both acts seek to endanger the internet, and theoretically even posting copyrighted images from movies, which includes every image from movies, could get a site banned. Now I fairly consistently use images from films and such that may or may not have been illegally downloaded, though some are legally obtained, and believe that the act infringes upon the first amendment to the constitution, in the bill of rights, something that guarantees, and I must repeat guarantees, certain freedoms to the peoples of America. These acts seek to get rid of those, and to impose essential a partial authority to the internet, and this authority would comprise of all the companies of the world, including companies that I trust like Nintendo some sort of egalitarian regime allowing any company to take down any site they feel disrespects their beliefs.

This viewpoint is against not only what the internet stands for, but also what America stands fro, and I personally believe that if this does pass at either version of what accounts for the American government system it should be vetoed by either the president, who in all likelihood knows of these matters, or the Supreme Court who has the power to completely dismantle the bill by declaring it unconstitutional. This would silence the bill effectively forever, however more bills like it may surface, and lead to further debates on what the freedom of the internet has done to copyright laws as well as any number of other things.

Now I would argue this is the point of the internet, especially sites like /b/ which basically encourage this kind of behavior, the kind that creates its own law, and establishes it firmly, with one of the only rules being no child pornography and damn it they stick to it, they agree to something and let the laws and sanctions and all that just wash over the random board, the board that can do anything they damn well please because fuck it it's the internet, and grammar and sense and all else be damned let the people roam free as they once did in the land, but in a much more digital, non real environment.

Now it's true that the digital environment has become just as real, and in some frightening cases more real than the so called 'real' world bu that is not of consequence. No one suffers because someone on /b/ posted some disturbing pornography, a few have to reach for the brain bleach but so what, it's just what you expect with a site like that. That is the beauty and terror of the internet, the inherent freedom in it. The freedom terrifies the governments who think it may rule the world but it already does so what does it matter what it does in the future. The internet goes down the world goes down that is the way it is and the older generation needs to except it.

By excepting it they will get rid of these constant attempts to regulate what can not and should not be regulated, the internet. It can be a terrifying thing to some of us, and often is but the simple fact is that it is what it always will be, the internet. A place of freedom and expression and downloading things that no single person, company, or organization has to keep for themselves, interesting, entertaining, intellectual property. The ideas and presentation belong to no one, and the large record and DVD companies have to realize this. People simply no longer pay for the content, they expect it for free with piracy on a huge rise, I don't want to say especially in New Zealand because occurs everywhere. Some people are simply used to getting things for free, and that's the way it is. Embrace it, don't attempt to destroy it because those attempts hurt the industry more than it has already been.

On a final note because fuck it I'm tired please don't support any act censoring the internet. It won't end well, the regulation simply leads to more workarounds like prohibition, and the simple fact is that the internet is the last truly free place, a place for expression of whatever the fuck you want it to be. Whether drugs, sex, and illegal pornography or whatever the internet doesn't care, it does its business and excepts it, and everyone else should to, they don't have to like it but acceptances is the first step to admission. Now the screens moving so time to sleep, but damn it accept the internet as it is, and believe in everyone and the goodness within the internet, no matter how deep it may be buried.

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